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DWI Attorney

Time is of the essence when it comes to handling your DWI/DUI.  Driving While Impaired charges are both unexpected and serious.  Call BURNEY & JONES, PLLC today for a free legal consultation.  Telephone calls are returned the same business day and appointments are generally available within twenty-four (24) hours.  It is vital that you consult and retain an experienced DWI/DUI lawyer to fight for your rights!

A proper defense of an Impaired Driving charge begins with your attorney’s understanding of the single most important aspect of your case – YOU!  Although general questions can be answered by telephone, a DWI/DUI interview is best conducted face to face.  By offering free consultations (DWI, Criminal, Traffic), BURNEY & JONES, PLLC affords you a no risk, no obligation opportunity to meet with an experienced DWI/DUI attorney.

To get answers to your questions, please call today to schedule a consultation.  We will carefully analyze all aspects of your case including:

  1. Did law enforcement have a reasonable suspicion to stop your automobile?;
  2. Did law enforcement have probable cause to arrest you for impaired driving or other offenses?;
  3. What sobriety testing was performed and was it performed correctly?;
  4. What breath or blood tests were performed and are they legally admissible as evidence against you?;
  5. Subsequent to your arrest were you unlawfully denied access to friends and/or witnesses or otherwise denied an opportunity to gather evidence in your behalf?

We will provide you with an honest, straight-forward assessment and strategy recommendations for your DWI/DUI defense as well as state our fee in advance.